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Butter: Bad Headline, Good News

“Butter is Back” Mark Bittman (or one of his editors at the NYT) proclaimed in the headline of a recent Op-ed, which jolted people into internet activism last week (otherwise known as commenting/sharing/liking). Based on a recent review of studies on the effects of saturated fat on heart disease in the Annals of Internal Medicine, […]


Not as tasty as the sausage variety, but check out these links over your cup of coffee. Here’s whats up in the food world this week…  politics The drive for ethanol has become an ecological disaster. AP News reports that five million acres set aside for conservation (an area larger than yellowstone + the everglades) […]

Happy Food Day!

Food Day is here! It is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food! There are more than 4,500 events going on in all 50 states, ranging from the Big Apple Crunch in Union Square to a food policy panel in Portland, Oregon. New Orleans alone has 48 different events!!! Good Eggs is joining […]


Woah, guys. Things have gotten real busy around here and brayfood has been slightly neglected. Between 8 to 10 hour work days and trying to squeeze in yoga and a little fun, I have been busy and exhausted. I’ve had the bold idea to wake up at 7 and do a little blogging before work, […]

TUESDAY LINKS [and some news!]

It is hard to believe that when I woke up yesterday it was a crisp 42 degrees. Today I was greeted by 80 (feels like 87)  #summerforever. Oh the marvels of air travel. Anyways, here goes Tuesday… industry Shareholders of Smithfield Foods Inc. approved the plans for the world’s largest pork producer and processor to […]

Mmmonday links

It’s another hot, humid, and beautiful day in New Orleans, let’s see what’s going on in the rest of the country.. entertainment Milk Crate Theft: When I worked as a barista in Portland I used to laugh at the stern warnings of fines or imprisonment printed on milk crates for using them improperly, “Unauthorized use of […]