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The 40/40 Experience

At the same time I decided to go refined sugar-free for “lent” I also committed to a 40 day yoga challenge. I was already attending classes 4-6 times a week, and with the reward of a free unlimited month pass & three workshops after successful completion, I was sold. All I had to do was show up […]

Butter: Bad Headline, Good News

“Butter is Back” Mark Bittman (or one of his editors at the NYT) proclaimed in the headline of a recent Op-ed, which jolted people into internet activism last week (otherwise known as commenting/sharing/liking). Based on a recent review of studies on the effects of saturated fat on heart disease in the Annals of Internal Medicine, […]

Sweet, Sweet Carnival Season

From January 6th until March 17th is a time of excess in New Orleans. Parades, beads, drinks, crawfish and king cakes are everywhere. Before you know it, the idea of waking up early to drink bloody marys and jump up and down screaming for beads seems perfectly reasonable. Red beans and rice, lovingly made by […]

Holiday Eats!

I have always enjoyed reading blogs, but I have a newfound respect for bloggers. As much as I love reading and thinking about food, it takes a lot of effort to write consistently. Three months ago I felt like I needed to restrain myself from hitting the publish button multiple times a week, sadly that […]

What Color is your Roux: Cajun ≠ Creole

Before moving here I wasn’t quite sure how to correctly pronounce the name of this infamous city. In the northeast and the northwest I had heard many iterations, but not from anyone with authority on the matter. Did the locals call it Naw’lins? New Or-lee-ns? New Or-luh-ns? I did’t know, and I kind of mumbled […]


I will be posting a monthly guide for what is in season based on information provided by  Louisiana Grown, a project of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that seeks to promote LA farmers through statewide branding. Its hard to believe we’re already up to the final edition of “what’s growing on” for the year! […]


Not as tasty as the sausage variety, but check out these links over your cup of coffee. Here’s whats up in the food world this week…  politics The drive for ethanol has become an ecological disaster. AP News reports that five million acres set aside for conservation (an area larger than yellowstone + the everglades) […]