Hi & welcome!

Kaitlin Bray here – coming to you from New Orleans, LA by way of Brooklyn, NY, by way of Portland, OR, by way of Charlotte, VT. As a recent graduate of NYU’s Food Studies-Food Systems masters program [May 2013] I am very interested in good food. Specifically, I am interested in changing the food system so that food is grown, transported, purchased, and consumed in a way that is good for the environment, people’s wallets, and their health [blahblahblah you may have heard it all before]. At the heart of the matter I am concerned with the state, federal, and international policies that support or retract from sustainable agriculture and public health measures. I am particularly fascinated with the nexus between policy and industry, affordability and access, and environmental sustainability and profit. I am very excited about the role food hubs can play in changing our national course.

I ended up in New Orleans thanks to my boo (Scott) who has just began the arduous/awesome process of getting a masters degree in architecture from Tulane.  After spending my entire life on the northern side of the country I am excited to explore and learn about things down south.

he makes the cocktails, I bake the brownies

he makes the cocktails, I bake the brownies

Thank you for visiting and I hope you like what you find!

ps- pizza is my favorite, I am an omnivore, and if I could only have three seasonings in my life they would be lemon, olive oil, and salt.


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