Not as tasty as the sausage variety, but check out these links over your cup of coffee. Here’s whats up in the food world this week… 


The drive for ethanol has become an ecological disaster. AP News reports that five million acres set aside for conservation (an area larger than yellowstone + the everglades) have been destroyed on Obama’s watch. Many scientist and environmentalists believe corn-based ethanol is bad environmental policy, despite all the negative attention, the White House continues to stand behind it’s policy to increase production.


Wal-Mart is notorious for paying its employees low wages, but a recent faux-charitable gesture has pushed them back into the spotlight. A supercenter in Columbus Ohio started a food drive for its own employees.”Please donate food items here so associates in need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.” Wal-Mart has been slammed by human rights groups and activists for its measly average salary of $25,000 a year. Employees should earn enough money working at Wal-Mart that they do not need to rely on canned goods from slightly better-off coworkers.


As Thanksgiving approaches there has been a lot of hype surrounding the lack of “Butterball Turkeys” that will be on carving boards this year. Tom Philpot from Mother Jones speculates on the reason for this turkey shortage. It could be anything from reduced antibiotics, to last years drought in the Midwest, to a turkey industry hoax.


Join Anna Lappe and Michele Simon for a google hangout this Friday on Food Marketing to Kids. Yesterday they hosted a twitter party with the Yale Rudd Center about stopping fast food marketing to children. I have seen both of the hosts speak and I’m sure it will be an informative and inspiring talk.


Last week the New York Times published the article  “Good Eggs, a Farmer’s Market, Delivers Real Food” on page B1 and online accompanied by a short video. Orders in Brooklyn have skyrocketed!


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