TUESDAY LINKS [and some news!]

It is hard to believe that when I woke up yesterday it was a crisp 42 degrees. Today I was greeted by 80 (feels like 87)  #summerforever. Oh the marvels of air travel. Anyways, here goes Tuesday…


Shareholders of Smithfield Foods Inc. approved the plans for the world’s largest pork producer and processor to be sold to Chinese company Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. It will be the first Chinese acquisition of a major American agriculture company (and probably not the last). Smithfield has a sordid history of both animal and worker mistreatment, and has come under fire for violating the EPA’s Clean Water Act. I can’t imagine anything positive coming out this sale.

For a more artistic take on industrial farming check out British artist Mishka Henner’s interview and aerial photographs of beef production. They are visually arresting and demand a second look.


Regardless of whether you like Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York – you cannot deny he has made New York City a healthier place. There has been much resistance to the progressive policies passed during his reign – reducing smoking, banning trans-fats, requiring menu labeling at food service chains with 20+ locations – but overall the city is a little healthier thanks to these policies, and they have help set the bar for public health measures around the country.  Many (mostly with connections to the food industry) deem him and public health commissioners the “food police” and indirectly blame him for Obamacare woes such as menu labeling. Check out this article at The Blaze for an opposing view.


Food waste is a huge issue in the United States and around the world. An estimated third of the global food supply never gets consumed. This article on grist explains why you shouldn’t toss out a gallon of milk based on the “sell by” date.


The National Young Farmer’s Coalition “National Day of Action” is coming up on October 20th. The organization seeks to change the FDA’S food safety rules for small farms under the Food Safety and Modernization Act. The current one-size-fits-all model is designed for industrial farms and threatens the livelihood of small farms that are doing good things. Join their letter writing campaign and submit comments to the FDA.

personal news!

Lastly.. I just wanted to share the exciting news that I will be working as a Local Food Advocate for Good Eggs – a mission driven tech start up from San Francisco that seeks to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide. They are currently changing the way local food is distributed in SF, New York, LA, and New Orleans – and plan on bringing their innovative model to cities around the country. I will be working directly with farmers and food makers in Louisiana and nearby Alabama – I can’t wait to get out and meet the people that produce beautiful food for this wonderful city. I can hardly believe I landed a job doing exactly what I wanted to do with my masters degree. Dreams do come true, y’all (if only I could have told my 23 year old self things were going to work out – could’ve saved a couple years of stressing)!


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